Tuesday, July 22, 2014

White Males Can Advocate for Diversity but Women & Minorities Can't?

A Wall Street Journal post discussed that when women and minorities rise to positions of leadership within a company they're not able to advocate for additional diversity without hurting their own careers. When a woman or minority is seen as promoting the interests of other women or minorities in the company their own performance reviews begin to suffer. They're seen as less competent on the job. When a white male promotes the interests of women or minorities in the company, by contrast, his performance reviews go up and he is seen as more competent on the job. This is the kind of subtle discrimination I've spoken of previously that flies in the face of those who say the playing field is level and we don't need any institutional guarantees of diversity. It is not a meritocracy out there. White males still have institutional biases in their favor, things that aren't codified into any company policy but that work in their favor and against women and minorities when they try to do the same things.

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