Thursday, March 13, 2014

Watching TV in a Vacuum

For the few weekly tv shows that I watch I typically watch new episodes in a vacuum, with virgin eyes untainted by whatever is being posted about them on the internet. Sure, I'll take a look at spoilers but I tend to avoid reviews of upcoming episodes of my shows. I prefer to go into a new show without a preconceived notion of liking it or disliking it. I want to form my own opinions about the cast, the plot, the acting, and the special effects. After I've formed my own opinion upon viewing several episodes I'm willing to look at reviews. Sometimes I'm surprised to find hatred for the things I love about the show. Sometimes I'm surprised to find love for the things I hate about the show. In either case the reviews don't sway my opinion but they do inform it. I can deal with being told that a show I love is utter crap because I will probably think the same of a show that you love. As long as we can agree to disagree, we can get along.

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